We have been using MalwareBytes for years and we know it works. From obscure root kits to malicious trojans and keyloggers, this software finds and then destroys them all.

We hate malware as much as you do, and advise that you need to be constantly on your guard against its threat !

With that in mind, please feel free to look around our site at the various articles on malicious software and the numerous software products available to combat these nasty pc intrusions. We have selected a range of the very best problem solving programs available which are purposely designed to restore your computers missing vitality and bring some joy back into your work day existance. ComboFix is one of our all time favourites so be sure and check it out via the link in the menu above, but take care, its very powerful.

Botmasters have literally millions of bots at their disposal in order to create havoc, the average pc user has to avail themselves of proven, effective softwares in order to protect themselves from the often devastating manifestations of these evil, predatory hackers.